Friday, December 12, 2008

Bettie Page (1923-2008)

Here's the thing about her. I've seen clips from burlesque films from the 1950s and photos of star strippers from that era. They strike me as a worn, hardboiled lot for the most part. Then, when I see Bettie Page, she looks like one of us, like the first modern woman in a way. That may be why the cult caught on in the 1980s (thanks quite a bit to the late, great Dave Stevens) -- the times may finally have caught up with her at that point. At least by then they were seeking her out. Fortunately, they found her and she got to know how beloved she was. It was cool that she was a born-again but never (to my knowledge) in later life regretted or apologized for her career. She got to see herself become part of American folklore. And now she belongs to the ages.

How about a little Teaserama before we go home?

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