Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Patrick McGoohan (1928-2009)

It didn't seem right for the MSN homepage to identify the creator and star of The Prisoner TV series as a "Braveheart Actor," but we've reached a point when his '60s cult series has receded from general memory, at least until the promised remake appears. Most people today, at least of a certain age, will know him as, to be fair, one of the best movie villains of the 1990s. But to be fair again, the MSN homepage links to a story with a headline more correctly identifying McGoohan. He was mostly a television personage, but The Prisoner's influence extended beyond its small-screen boundaries and can, arguably, be seen in many movies that followed its run. His place in pop-culture history as a whole earns him a respectful mention here.


hobbyfan said...

"Receded from general memory"? Are you kidding? You yourself referenced the Prisoner remake that is nigh. Prisoner and Secret Agent/Danger Man have their following.

Samuel Wilson said...

I wouldn't dare equate my interests with the general memory. Nor does the fact that any old show has a following mean that the first person you meet on the street will know what you're talking about. This is sad but true.