Thursday, January 12, 2012

Now Playing: JAN. 12, 1962

A movie and a 45 rpm single? How can you go wrong? The people who've actually seen this movie or heard Jimmy Clanton sing will have to tell us.


Clanton was actually 21 when the film was released in 1961. That's closer than some actors come. Here's a clip of that title song, uploaded by SirBasildeBrush.

In Reading, PA, we have our first encounter with the extensive marketing campaign for the West German horror import The Head.

I've actually seen this one, but The Brain That Wouldn't Die actually handles the same concept in more entertaining fashion. You can watch the whole public-domain thing online with little effort, but here's a clip from horrorsnark.

Also in Reading, a new film in wide release from director George Marshall, taken from a Richard Condon novel.

There are harsh words for this one over at IMDB, but I've never seen it for myself.This is as good a point as any to mention that, while I 'm not really reviewing most of these circa-1962 movies, I definitely welcome comments from anyone who recognizes something they remember in these posts.

I'll be back tomorrow with an emphasis on live exploitation across the country. Can you bear to miss it?

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