Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Now Playing: OCT. 10, 1962

What is it about Jack Palance that typed him as a barbarian? We saw him just last week as a Lombard, and now Schenectady NY sees him as a Mongol.

Let's take a closer look, thanks to SomethingWeird's YouTube channel.

Now for a high-toned literary adaptation, of a sort, in Palm Beach.

So it's the nudie-cutie answer to Gunga Din, I guess.

And here's a double-feature opening in Salt Lake City.

It's always interesting to see how a sad little picture like Phantom Planet gets ballyhooed as a "Science Shocker of the Space Age."It's still amazing sometimes to imagine something like that actually playing somewhere as a first-run attraction. Back to SomethingWeird for the trailer; remember, this is the film putting its best foot forward.

It isn't even in color! But Assignment: Outer Space is, as The FearChannel demonstrates.

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