Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Now Playing: APRIL 10, 1933

What better way to counterprogram against Gabriel Over the White House, a film about a fantasy President, than a film about the real President, who's been in office for just over a month?

There's something creepy and -- dare I say? -- almost un-American about such a cinematic hagiography, especially with that "Greet your Great Leader" bit. Is this America or North Korea? Nothing against FDR, but this just looks wrong.

Fortunately, there's more wholesome entertainment in Milwaukee this week. The Warner has a snazzy double bill combining Warren William in one of his most charismatically slimy roles and Joan Blondell as a Warner Bros. gangster.

The Mind Reader in particular inspired newspaper art departments across the country. The image of Warren William in a turban was impossible to resist.

Look here for my review of Mind Reader. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Blondie Johnson, but here's a trailer for the picture from

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