Sunday, January 27, 2013

Now Playing: JAN. 27, 1933

The Warner has a Warner Bros. picture this week that I've seen and reviewed. Notice how the ad copy maximizes the heart or sex angle in this prison drama.


I'd say Sing Sing was the highlight of the week, but it's hard to say that when it's the only film of this week that I've seen. Here are the others, starting with one I will watch this week -- it's on TCM Monday, Jan. 28.

Next, here's a picture that looks like Pre-Code all over the place.

This is a sequel to the silent WW1 blockbuster What Price Glory starring McLaglen and Lowe, with two doses of ethnic humor thrown in: future "Mexican Spitfire" Lupe Velez and Scandinavian shtick specialist El Brendel. At least those two are authentic representatives of their respective ethnicities, which is more than can be said in the following cases. First, Sylvia Sidney as a Japanese:

Then, most likely the undisputed champions of political incorrectness, Moran and Mack:

Also known as "The Two Black Crows," Moran and Mack rode Amos 'n Andy's coattails to radio stardom in the late Twenties and actually beat their blackface peers to movies, making their first feature, Why Bring That Up?, in 1929. Hypnotized is reportedly more a Moran solo film; thescribefiles has uploaded what's apparently the team's only scene together in the picture: half a minute of horror.

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