Monday, January 7, 2013

Now Playing: JAN. 7, 1933

Opening at the Alhambra in Milwaukee, a film utterly unknown to me -- intended to launch its co-stars as the "Sweethearts Incomparable."

Line of the day: "I like trees better than men. They're straight."

Farrell was usually teamed with Janet Gaynor, dating back to their silent hits Seventh Heaven and Street Angel.The Farrell-Bennett team in this Raoul Walsh western didn't work out, though Walsh would use Bennett in his next picture, Me and My Girl. While I haven't seen Wild Girl, it played the Museum of Modern Art in New York last fall as part of MOMA's annual film preservation festival, and with Turner Classic Movies showing more Fox films lately I'll probably end up seeing it eventually. Until then, here's TCM's synopsis and stats.

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