Friday, July 6, 2012

Devil's Handburgers: Now Playing, JULY 6, 1962

It may be new to Albany NY, but we've seen this double-bill before.

A few things are different, though. I don't recall the "Devils Handburgers" and related condiments (upper right) being offered in the last place that played these pictures. Talk about your incentives -- you can bring blood home with you! But let's not ignore the real difference: this is a triple bill of "3 Smash Hits." What's the third picture? What'd be the ideal follow-up to two Crown International schlockfests?

This would be.

Yes, it's Ingmar Bergman's classic, The Virgin Spring. The disclaimer reads: "Certain essential scenes in this film should be seen only by adults. They are not suitable for younger, more impressionable minds. We strongly recommend this film for adults only." More proof, I guess, of the fuzzy boundaries separating "art," "adult" and "exploitation" pictures at this time.

If this disturbs you, try repeating: "Det är bara en film, det är bara en film ..."


knobgobbler said...

Ah, The Devil's Hand... one of my favorite old devil cult movies. It has a peculiar vibe to it... but I can't recall any mention of a 'hand' in the movie itself. There's lots of talk of dolls though.

Samuel Wilson said...

knob, any film with Neil Hamilton as a devil cult leader is definitely going to be peculiar, and I'm not recalling any hand, either. Probably metaphorical, though.