Friday, July 13, 2012

Now Playing: JULY 13, 1962

Not as many horror marathons or spook shows as I expected for a Friday the 13th -- at least not in the places whose papers I can read in the Google News Archive. I suppose the target audience has other things to do on a summer night....But here are two in Eugene OR alone.

Here's an eclectic lineup in Daytona Beach

I imagine that the early show they promise will calm the nerves may be just the picture to make horror fans' skin crawl.

And here's an exhibitor in Lawrence KS who thinks he can promote William Castle pictures better than Castle can.

Castle himself would probably appreciate the mystery about that shock bonus. There are probably people alive who remember what it was, but we'll probably never know....But let's see how Castle does it. This pitch for Macabre appears on EddieVHRocks5150's YouTube channel.

This trailer for House on Haunted Hill comes from latenitevideo's channel. 

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