Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Now Playing: JULY 11, 1962

The opening of Advise and Consent in St. Joseph MO raises a loaded question:

Fortunately, Americans live in a free land where we dare ask such questions of our leaders. In democracy, everyone is accountable to everyone else, a principle celebrated on the occasion of a Pittsburgh opening for a foreign film.

It is a free country, but if you want to win this contest and be blurbed in a major metropolitan newspaper it might be wise not to say, "French films are pretentious" or "Truffaut is so primitive compared to Godard!"

Perhaps we should start with a film easier to criticize. Toledo gives us two to choose from.

Meanwhile, back in Pittsburgh, another exhibitor wins the Truth in Advertising award -- as long as you read the fine print.

Also look for this picture under the titles The Black Rebels (from Something Weird Video) and Lola's Mistake. The ad text is a little blurred, but it credits the author A. B. Guthrie Jr. as a co-writer of the screenplay. Guthrie, a Western specialist, gets no such credit from IMDB, but other sources confirm that he acted as a script consultant and promoted the film during its original 1960 release. This was a rare moment when you could imagine staking a film on Rita Moreno's name in the wake of West Side Story, but within a couple of years she was doing TV guest shots.

Finally for today, here's some fresh copy for Disney's Bon Voyage, which is playing its third week in some markets but just opening in Daytona Beach. I'd better let the art speak for itself.

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