Thursday, July 5, 2012

Now Playing: JULY 5, 1962

Vacations are a popular theme in summer movies fifty years ago. Disney releases an Americans-in-Paris comedy with Fred MacMurray, Bon Voyage, this month, while 20th Century-Fox provides the competition, shown here opening in Pittsburgh.

It may sound bland but it does have Maureen O'Hara doing the twist and John Saxon in a bathing suit, among other features revealed in the original trailer, available on YouTube from KaninFamily.

Exhibitors give audiences a wide choice of destinations in 1962, and sometimes offer friendly words of warning. Once again, you can see the world without leaving Pittsburgh.

Perhaps more warnings are in order, given that It's Hot in Paradise is the picture better known, if maybe not better loved, as Horror of Spider Island. Here's a sample from SomethingWeird's YouTube channel.

Why travel abroad, even in your imagination, when there are attractions aplenty abounding in America? This Charleston exhibitor emphasizes one of the country's most popular homegrown products, even if it promises slightly more than it can deliver.

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W.B. Kelso said...

heh. It's like those old spook shows that promised to give away a dead body, and the winner went home with a frozen (and definitely dead) turkey.