Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Satan and Dusty Shoes: NOW PLAYING, JULY 30, 1933

Now playing in Milwaukee: the devil, himself:

You can see him at the Warner.

Far from evil is Cagney in this picture, however -- as you'll learn when I review it this week.

Elsewhere, here's one of the titles of the year:

Here is a backstage musical from the director of The Mummy and Mad Love. Karl Freund is no Busby Berkeley, but damned if he doesn't try. For the climactic song, "Dusty Shoes," uploaded to YouTube by perfectjazz78, he tries to do "We're In the Money" and "Remember My Forgotten Man" in one number. Check this out.

... All right, then. Elsewhere still ...

This last one? It's a Columbia picture, and in the end the pregnant heroine kills herself. Welcome to Pre-Code Cinema!

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