Monday, July 22, 2013

Now Playing: JULY 22, 1933

College Humor is done after two weeks at the Palace, so we have an all-new slate of movies in Milwaukee this week. Here's the Palace's new attraction.

The most I can tell you about this Norman Z. McLeod film for Paramount is that it made the National Board of Review's ten-best list for the year. You'll notice a certain lack of pictorial imagination in the advertising, but maybe the "You will laugh!" hard sell works better that way.

The Warner's new feature, replacing Baby Face after one week, is a title that can be found in public-domain box sets pretty easily, and can be seen free online right now, even if the prints in either case don't do the film justice.

This picture from the director of The Covered Wagon and The Great Gabbo was the last appearance of Ernest Torrence, the hulking actor who made his name as the heavy in Henry King's Tol'able David and is best known today as Buster Keaton's dad in Steamboat Bill, Jr. Here he smuggles illegal immigrants. Claudette Colbert plays his daughter. I remember it being fairly entertaining, though I don't know if it can live up to the hard-boiled ad copy.

The human whirlwind that was William Wellman delivers another picture this week, this time at the Wisconsin.


One studio wasn't big enough to handle Wellman's Pre-Code output. Normally a Warner Bros. director, he did this one for M-G-M. Here's what I thought of it back in 2009.

Gold Diggers of 1933 is gone now, but Universal is hoping that Ginger Rogers will get some rub off the smash-hit summer musical.

In fact, some exhibitors hoped that Rogers would be so well identified with her big song in Gold Diggers that they retitled this Murray Roth picture In the Money. Rogers is hardly a gold-digger in this picture, however; instead, she dumps her boyfriend because he's a compulsive gambler.

While this film remains unavailable officially on DVD, someone has made a copy from a VHS tape and uploaded the 61-minute picture to YouTube. I've just found this out so I haven't seen this yet. Don't spoil it for me! Thanks to sneakysnoo11 for making it available

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