Friday, June 12, 2009

Sir Christopher Lee

At age 87, the old man is probably past due for his latest honor, though Charlie Chaplin also only received it at the same age. In any event congratulations are in order for the last of his generation of horror stars and a living icon of international genre cinema. Congratulations are also in order, I think, for the fact that he was unable to comment upon his knighthood -- because he was in New Mexico shooting a movie ... that movie quite possibly being Cowboys for Christ, Robin Hardy's much belated thematic sequel to The Wicker Man. That's listed as "in production" over at IMDB, at least; but IMDB also says the story's set in Scotland, though Wikipedia reports that scenes have been shot in Texas, so who knows? It would be cool if that was Lee's current project, as would be that new Hammer production he's supposed to be involved in. He long ago earned an honorable retirement, but if he wants to keep working, at least he's made better choices than many others. More power to him.

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