Thursday, February 16, 2012

Now Playing: JAN. 16, 1962.

Let's make a quick stop in Madison, WI for the opening of a controversial picture that would earn Stuart Whitman a Best Actor nomination. You can tell from the text-heavy ad that the studio knows it's a hard sell.

What the ad won't tell you is that Guy Green's "mature adult entertainment" is about a child molester's struggle to reform, with help from Rod Steiger's psychiatrist and Maria Schell's love interest. Not the sort of thing I expect from Whitman, who had co-starred with John Wayne in The Comancheros that same year, but more power to him if he pulled it off. The trailer is a little coy, too, but it drops some hints. Take a look at it from

The Mark | Guy Green | Maria Schell | Stuart Whitman | Movie Trailer | Review

Before anyone takes a wrong turn at Albuquerque, pull into the Cactus Drive-In for an unsual double bill.

A Woman Like Satan is an alternate title for what is officially known in English as The Female, but was called The Woman and the Puppet in France. I'm not sure what makes it an "action hit," but here's a no-English-necessary clip uploaded by DivineBB.

Mitchum promises a bumpy ride in his 1958 star vehicle, which he produced and co-wrote. He sang the theme song, too. Here's an incomplete trailer to send us home -- the text seems to be missing -- uploaded by creativelocation.


Sam Juliano said...

I haven't seen THE MARK, but was under the impression that Whitman received an Oscar nod for GIVE EM HELL HARRY. Perhaps he has two to his credit after reading your report here. I like this time travel feature Samuel.

But geez, Maria Schell, Rod Steiger and cinematographer Guy Green collaborating? That's an offer impossible to refuse.

Samuel Wilson said...

You missed it by a syllable, Sam. James Whitmore got the nomination you're thinking of in 1975. And yes, I'd like to see The Mark as well.