Monday, September 24, 2012

Elsewhere in the blogosphere: BIG BUSINESS (1929)

Back in the balmy days of summer I submitted a list of favorite/greatest comedy films to the poll being conducted by the Wonders in the Dark website. The stats are tabulated and the countdown from No. 100 has been underway for more than a month now. It reached No. 65 today, and for the occasion I was invited to account for the 1929 Laurel & Hardy short Big Business, a miniature epic of mutually-endured destruction and salesmanship run amok. My review is now up at Wonders, where I invite readers to follow the comedy countdown to date and hereafter. The list has been eclectic and controversial among regular Wonders followers so far and may only grow more so the closer we come to the top. You may not agree with the rankings but the discussion may amuse you -- and you may be inspired to try something new someday.

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Sam Juliano said...

And what a marvelous piece you penned for the countdown Samuel on one of the boys' most beloved works!