Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Now Playing: JUNE 5, 1933

This is a real Pre-Code week in Milwaukee. Take a look:


Holt and Wray would team up again the following year for Columbia's voodoo epic Black Moon. The more I see of the studio's Pre-Code output the more impressed I am, so I look forward to seeing this one someday.

It doesn't get much more Pre-Code than this:

Or maybe it does ... except this isn't a movie. This is live!

The Scandals would become a short-lived movie series in 1934, but by the time the second edition came out in 1935 Code Enforcement was in effect, so it couldn't be the same.

Not everything in town is so potentially sleazy. Moviegoers have a choice of comic attractions, one with established comic stars --

-- And one with an established heavy playing with his screen image, for the first of several times.


There's a review of Little Giant somewhere inside this Edward G. Robinson survey.

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