Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Now Playing: CHRISTMAS 1933

For their holiday attractions Milwaukee's movie houses depend on star power. In particular, the Palace depends on overwhelming star power. Check out this cast list:

Unfortunately, this Alice is notorious for putting all its stars under heavy makeup inspired by the original illustrations that left the performers unrecognizable except for their voices. Cary Grant may as well not be there as the Mock Turtle, for instance, though his weepy turn is one of the film's most memorable voice performances. Gary Cooper comes nearest to playing a human being and plays against type by falling off his horse a lot. Overall, one part inspired, one part stupendously misconceived. You can say that about a lot of films.

The other theaters worked on the assumption that one star was enough.

If any of these clippings has sparked a happy memory, consider that my Christmas gift (and 1933's) to you.

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