Friday, January 1, 2016

True Pulp Fiction is here

After nearly two years of talk and plenty of previews here, I've finally launched my pulp fiction blog. I'd wanted to call it "Real Pulp Fiction," but someone on Blogger has that name, so True Pulp Fiction it is. This will be my most ambitious blogging project in some time, since I'm committed to daily content. Starting today, I'm creating a Pulp Calendar of classic magazine covers, along with comments on the histories of the magazines, their authors, and their stories when I've read them. Along with this daily feature, I'll gradually show you my own pulp collection, complete with story reviews. The scope of the thing will expand to encompass other media (apart from movies, which is what Mondo 70 is for) from what I call a golden age of storytelling. I have a vintage paperback novel collection, too, and we'll probably delve into Golden Age comic books and Old Time Radio as well, both of which have plenty of primary sources online. Pulp will be the highlight, and I hope the rarity of some of our subject matter will give the new blog some of the exotic novelty value Mondo 70 has when I delve into the more obscure stuff. True Pulp Fiction is still a work in progress, but you should see it shape up rapidly the more you come back. Meanwhile, Mondo 70 and The Think 3 Institute will continue. Over here this weekend look for "The Year of Joy," in which I consider two of my favorite 2015 films, and if time permits I'll deal with The Hateful Eight, which I'll be seeing tomorrow. But for now, take a look around the new place and let me know what you think. The address is:


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Nigel M said...

Excellent SW! Just about to add this to my blogroll to follow. I am sure this will be an excellent education for me as 2016 is the year I have vowed to start reading books again after noticing how "internet time" was eating into too much of my spare time and changing my reading habits. It had been so long since I picked up a book and so starting with my current read I was going for a balance of general non fiction, classics, pulp novels and educational stuff on film theory, philosophy and so on. I was also going to subscribe to a few magazines. This is all, for me, a real shift in emphasis and cutting down my daily net browsing to a little time looking around the blogs and reading the news headlines. So, for me, your new blog project is timely and I know it will be an education. Your film blog has long proved thus.