Thursday, March 8, 2012

Now Playing: MARCH 8, 1962

The New York reviewers have lots of love for No Love for Johnnie. Will Palm Beach share the love?

Basically, Finch as a British MP has to choose between love and politics. Do you suppose JFK watched this picture and laughed? I suppose a lot of British politicians laughed, too.

In Prescott AZ, how big a gamble is The Big Gamble for moviegoers?

This is a personal production of Daryl F. Zanuck co-starring his protege Juliette Greco. The protagonists have to ship beer across Africa, making this one part Wages of Fear, one part Trader Horn and another Smokey and the Bandit. Richard Fleischer directed, so it has potential. Maybe FXMovies will run it some morning.

Meanwhile, Barry Mahon's Morals Squad hits Baltimore nearly two years after its original release.

Here's what TCM has to say about the picture. And here's the second feature at the same theater. The Something Weird synopsis makes this one sound like a real piece of work.

There's a weekend's worth of attractions coming tomorrow -- don't miss 'em!

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