Thursday, May 10, 2012

Now Playing: MAY 10, 1962

If The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence set a high standard for this year's westerns, here's one that can match it, opening in Washington DC:

At the time Sam Peckinpah's film must have seemed like a B-movie echo of Liberty Valence. The advertising exploits the first-ever Scott-McCrea teaming just like the rival film trumpeted its first meeting of Wayne and Stewart. Of course, at the time Randolph Scott and Joel McCrea weren't considered in the same league as the stars of Valence, but time has nearly equalized the reputations of the two films and Scott is probably more highly respected for his films with Budd Boetticher, as well as his final bow here, than he was fifty years ago.

Also opening in DC:

Known in its British homeland as Night of the Eagle, this is the second of three film versions of Fritz Leiber's novel Conjure Wife. I haven't seen the other two but this one sets a decent standard. You can see the trailer with commentary by screenwriter Sam Hamm at the Trailers From Hell website.

In Miami, here's our old friend The Head, running as a second feature to an early zombie film

Check out a Dead One trailer, uploaded by the deathless LonChaneySr.

After that twin bill you might be ready to leave the Earth. If so, your first stop should be Charleston.

Ah, The Phantom Planet! It's hard to believe, but once it was new. Something Weird gives us the trailer.

As for the second feature, a Euro effort from the industrious Antonio Margheriti, TheFearChamber offers us a glimpse at wonder.

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