Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Now Playing: MAY 9, 1962

Today's question comes from Miami, FL.

Exhibitors obviously hope that they can exploit Maximilian Schell's recent Best Actor Oscar, and they have a star of West Side Story in the bargain -- but they're probably also betting that that tag question is a bigger draw than any star.

Speaking of exploitation, check out Meriden CT.

Video Watchdog recently had a big write-up on this film, but I haven't read it yet. Anyway, this musical intro uploaded by PIMannix sets the tone. Notice how Timothy Carey gets a "Presenting" credit even though the eccentric character actor had been showing up in movies for several years already.

Still speaking of exploitation, let's go back to Miami for a moment for a wacky comedy about bestiality.

The lust of a bear for a human female and his efforts to win her are described in a synopsis provided by second feature is sort of a ringer -- if it is in fact the 1959 British color film starring John Cassevetes and Sidney Poitier. Tomandleo has a clip available on YouTube.

And speaking of large animals....look out, St. Joseph, MO!

The "mighty thing," as the beloved moth was later called, needs no introduction here, but The Hellions probably does. The title characters are not a motorcycle gang but western-style outlaws in a South African production starring Richard Todd. I wonder if that disappointed anyone.

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