Thursday, May 24, 2012

Now Playing: MAY 24, 1962

Last of the Vikings invades the nation's capital today, and here's some alternate ad art for the occasion. There probably won't be a greater disproportion between 1962 hype and 2012 oblivion than in the campaign for this film.

Also in Washington D.C., here's a double feature that's been working its way around the country this spring.

House of Women could have been called House of Mothers based on the TCM synopsis. Walter Doniger's film focuses on the troubles female prisoners have keeping custody of their children. But it's definitely a tough picture if Andrew Duggan's the romantic lead! Samar is an outdoor adventure set in the 19th century Spanish-ruled Philippines, shot on location by action auteur George Montgomery. I know Montgomery as a director from The Steel Claw, which displayed a sensibility reminiscent of the men's-adventure "sweat" magazines of the era. His follow-up to Samar was Guerrillas in Pink Lace. Obviously a subject for further study, but for now here's a video trailer for Samar that shows the scale of production B-films could achieve in the Philippines.

Trailer provided by Video Detective

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