Thursday, April 5, 2012

Now Playing: APRIL 5, 1962

Now it can be told in Wilmington, NC:

Read that poster dialogue. How can I hope to top that? Only with this clip of an intimately awkward moment for the troubled future Fuehrer, uploaded by HotBooksVideo.

Who could be more menacing than Hitler? How about Alec Guinness? Charleston has been warned.

Guinness, last seen by 1962 audiences attempting to turn Japanese in A Majority of One, here reappears in a ten-year old Ronald Neame movie originally called The Card. I suspect it's not nearly as salacious as that admittedly humorous warning suggests. With Hitler, though, it looks like you had better lock up your daughters, nieces, cousins, etc. That man is scary!

But how about something less threatening, opening in Prescott AZ?

Who cares about outer space? Let the original trailer make the case for "inner space." LonChaneySr uploaded it to YouTube -- and I thought he was dead!

Look for more movie visions this weekend!

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