Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Now Playing: DEC. 19, 1962

We're in the homestretch now. From today through the 25th theaters will be bringing in their big Christmas attractions. Across the country the wide releases include two musicals -- Gyspy and Billy Rose's Jumbo -- and Disney's latest Jules Verne adaptation, In Search of the Castaways ... along with this, opening in Schenectady.

While these four dominate the medium-sized markets, with Lawrence of Arabia and Mutiny on the Bounty playing the big cities in limited, reserved-seat release, there's still room in some cities for alternate entertainment. Here's a one-of-a-kind picture opening in Milwaukee: Toshiro Mifune playing a Mexican, in a Mexican film.

Here's some curious exploitation in Daytona Beach.

Gordon Scott's peplum vehicle is promoted as "Tarzan as Samson," even though Scott no longer was Tarzan, having surrendered the role to Jock Mahoney, who had played the bad guy in Scott's last Tarzan film. Mahoney starred in Tarzan Goes to India earlier this year, and it's probably a measure of that film's success, ironically, that Scott is identified as "Tarzan" here.

Bad guys are asking for trouble in this U.S. trailer, uploaded by SomethingWeirdVideo.

Finally for today, here's piracy Hammer style in Charleston.

And here's a trailer from horrorfictionmovies.

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