Thursday, December 20, 2012

Now Playing: DEC. 20, 1962

The biggest cities get reserved-seat roadshow events like Lawrence of Arabia, while more modest markets get stuff like It's Only Money. Some places in the middle, probably leaning toward large, get this.

While Nicholas Ray's King of Kings is coming back for an encore in many cities, Richard Fleischer's spectacle is the "Bible movie" for 1962, albeit one derived from a Swedish novel. As Sixties Bible spectacles go, this one is pretty good, or so I thought back in 2009.

Meanwhile, here's Bounty opening in Miami with live attractions and alleged celebrities on hand.

Of course, NYC is where it's really happening this month, and here's the latest arthouse event, just eight months after its Italian opening.

I've never reviewed this one, but I've seen it and it's good stuff.

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