Friday, May 11, 2012

Now Playing: MAY 11, 1962.

For a film doomed to languish in public-domain obscurity, Last of the Vikings is getting a huge push in print media. This ad from a Pittsburgh paper is so big that I could fit the actual theater listings in my snip window.

And there's more where that came from. Meanwhile, the Twist craze in movies is still going strong -- or at least a Schenectady NY exhibitor hopes so this weekend.

The second feature is a collaboration between Arch Hall Sr. and Jr. and Leigh Jason, the director of New Faces of 1937. A pretty volatile mix, and SomethingWeird gives us a hint of the results.

Here's some interestingly abstract ad art from Youngstown for Alan Ladd's last starring role.

Ladd goes vigilante against delinquents in this production, and TCM provides a preview.

Speaking of delinquency, here's some "adults only" entertainment from Toledo.

What we have here is a 1958 French film called Peche de Jeunesse, directed by Louis Duchesne and dealing with a young man's rebellion against a possessive mother. No online trace of it, unfortunately.

Does that sort of "adult" entertainment seem too chick-flicky for you? You might find what you're looking for in Palm Beach this weekend.

Man! Can anyone withstand the onslaught of Sherman A. Rose's Tank Battalion (1958), Edward L. Cahn's Suicide Battalion, (ditto), Spencer Gordon Bennett's Submarine Seahawk (likewise) and William Witney's Paratroop Command (1959)? I thought guys went to the drive-in to neck, but how can they concentrate on the girls with all this mayhem going on?

Finally, a special live attraction in Milwaukee this weekend.


W.B. Kelso said...

Just wanted to drop by and say, thanks to these wonderful posts, you've inspired me to get off my keester and get The Morgue off the slab and going again.

Check out our new digs here:

Thanks again. These have been great.

Samuel Wilson said...

W.B., I'm happy to reinstate Scenes From the Morgue to my blogroll and you're welcome for whatever inspiration I've provided. Consider it payback for your original inspiration for me.