Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Now Playing: MAY 16, 1962.

Arnold Laven's Geronimo opens wide across the country today. It doesn't open everywhere at once, but it does turn up in Lawrence KS.

It also turns up in Dubuque IA.

The competition includes a Crown International double feature in Charleston.

The Devil's Hand is memorable today for giving us Neil "Commissioner Gordon" Hamilton as the leader of a bohemian inner-city voodoo cult -- but the poor man isn't even mentioned in the ad! You can see him do-do that voodoo in the trailer, uploaded by VideoCellarTrailers

Haven't seen Bloodlust, but I'll take their word for it: the guy hunts humans. You don't have to take anyone's word for it, because omemeister uploaded the original trailer.

Also competing is this double-bill from Florence AL:

This exhibitor is pulling a fast one on would-be moviegoers. They won't be seeing Brigitte Bardot in that Sergio Grieco pirate movie, but her younger sister Mijanou, late of Sex Kittens Go to College. Here's a widescreen clip uploaded by romahane.

The Magic Voyage of Sinbad is actually Sadko, a 1953 film from Soviet fantasy specialist Aleksandr Ptushko made into a Sinbad movie by AIP to exploit the success of Ray Harryhausen's Seventh Voyage of Sinbad and now probably best known in that form as a target for MST3K mockery. Perhaps the film deserved better in its original form.

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