Friday, May 4, 2012

Now Playing: MAY 4, 1962

Opening wide this weekend: a showcase for Angie Dickinson. The ads do their best to showcase her as well. This one is from Milwaukee.

I'll let Maurice Chevalier explain things. He appears courtesy of carpalton, who uploaded this clip to YouTube.

The Great War is a widely-acclaimed WW1 tragicomedy from Mario Monicelli.Here's an Italian trailer with Portuguese subtitles that at least gives a visual sense of the project. Versatilhv uploaded it.

In Pittsburgh, spring has sprung a British sex farce upon the American public, which was acquiring a taste for the stuff.

UmbrellaEntAU has assembled a one-minute highlight reel; take a look.

In spring, however, most Americans' thoughts turn to the national pastime. So here's a baseball picture -- with a twist -- opening in Milwaukee.

This is a rare instance of Yanksploitation -- along with Pride of the Yankees and The Babe Ruth Story. Maris had just come off his controversial home-run record season -- he still holds the American League record -- while Mantle, the more famous of the two, was close behind with 54 homers. Naturally they should become movie stars. The trailer, uploaded by captbijou, hints at the results.

Here's some high-impact advertising for a Palm Beach drive-in to close out the night.

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