Friday, January 13, 2012

Elvis vs. Frankenstein: NOW PLAYING, Jan. 13, 1962

January 13 was a Saturday, not a Friday, 50 years ago, so the date doesn't explain the explosion of exploitation events in movie theaters around the country that weekend. Perhaps the most enterprising, making the most of the movies they had without live accompaniment, is a theater in Wadesboro, NC, whose concept I've already given away.

Elsewhere, moviegoers can take in good old-fashioned live spook shows -- except that Washington, PA adds a modern twist -- not the dance craze, that is.

In Alabama City, the show's so big it took two snips for me to capture it in proper detail.

Would you rather just watch a movie?For that matter, do you like gladiator movies? Well, race down to Daytona for a muscular triple bill.

Here's a Giant of Marathon trailer uploaded by brutallodotcom

And a fragment of the Goliath and the Dragon trailer uploaded by peplumz.

That's it for now. There ought to be more ads later this weekend and there'll definitely be reviews. Keep a lookout for a Dracula documentary, Godard's Film Socialisme and who knows what else in the wild world of cinema....


W.B. Kelso said...

I love those old Midnight Spookshow ads, too. And I have series of them up for viewing here if you care to take a gander:


Samuel Wilson said...

Scenes From the Morgue is one of my role models for the 1962 project. I invite people to check out Wild Bill's blog more extensively.

W.B. Kelso said...

High praise, Samuel. Thanks a lot!