Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Now Playing: JAN. 11, 1962

Charleston, SC: A local arthouse welcomes a comic fantasy by Ingmar Bergman.

And here's a "message from hell," courtesy of of luvgod on YouTube.

The line separating art from exploitation was often fuzzy in 1962, but this announcement from Franceville, IN may help illustrate the difference.

The lead feature is the pre-gore debut film of Herschell Gordon Lewis.The second feature is a 1958 portrait of a nymphomaniac -- and for that, Something Weird Video provides a clip.

Is there no family-friendly fare anywhere? Do not fret:Nevada, MO is your refuge tonight.

What we have here is a 1956 West German biopic, predating even the stage version of The Sound of Music, though it didn't reach the U.S. until after the Rodgers & Hammerstein show had hit Broadway. Here's some unexpected Americana from the film, provided by Jairdan.

No disrespect to Canada, but calling a film  The Canadians does not raise expectations. On the other hand, Burt Kennedy directed it and Robert Ryan stars, so I'd probably give that second feature a look if given a chance. And that's all for today ... but there's more tomorrow!

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