Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Now Playing: JAN. 17, 1962.

Let's start in Milwaukee -- we could also start in Schenectady -- with the biopic everyone was clamoring for.

How to account for this? Well, The Untouchables was still a hot series, and anything evocative of the golden age of gangsters was thought a potential draw. Also, biopics of troubled or fallen stars were a common sight in theaters in those days. I just wonder whether they dramatize Raft talking himself out of all those roles that made Bogart a superstar. That'd be the stuff of tragicomedy. Oh well, I'll let Allied Artists pitch it to you, with an assist from horrormovieshows.

Moving right along,here's another Twist movie arriving in Moran, KS.

This one has to make do without Chubby Checker, but does feature Joey Dee's "Peppermint Twist." Here's the trailer via Dailymotion.

Hey let's twist! by Gatorrock784

On to Eugene, OR for a curious double-bill: Ray Harryhausen's latest FX epic, plus...?

Hand in Hand proves to be a lesson from Great Britain in religious tolerance for children. Couldn't find a trailer, but would you believe? Someone uploaded the entire film to YouTube just three days ago. That should keep you busy until tomorrow's next smashing chapter of 1962!

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