Friday, March 16, 2012

Now Playing: MARCH 16, 1962

One theater in Milwaukee has its priorities straight. Breathless is the second feature in support of...

Maybe the exhibitor knows his audience. But today's audience might not recognize the main attraction at first glance. This Roy Boulting film is best known under its original British title, A French Mistress, and IMDB is unaware of the "French Teacher" alternate title. Takethetube9010 has uploaded something that looks like a trailer and opening credits sequence all in one, along with stills from the picture.

But what about Breathless? Well, the trailer may as well be in a foreign language. Actually, it is in a foreign language, but that's not what I mean. Here's a hint at the powerful sordid realism to come in the original Francophone trailer, uploaded by jarvinho.

The beauty of the system, of course, is that whether you wanted powerful sordid realism or pert raffishness, you were getting it that night -- or so they promised.

More mainstream fare is promised in Pittsburgh. Here's Vincente Minnelli's latest, which is a remake of a 1921 movie, now set during World War II through the magic of movies....

The original movie was an early showcase for Rudolph Valentino. The remake is a showcase for Glenn Ford. Make of that what you will;maybe the trailer (courtesy of TCM) will help.

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