Friday, March 9, 2012

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Leo McCarey's Satan Never Sleeps has been rolling out across the country since its New York opening back on February 23. 20th Century-Fox offered starkly contrasting ad campaigns to exhibitors, who could judge what to use based on their markets. From Daytona Beach, here's an example of the more heartwarming campaign based on McCarey's rep for heartwarming stuff like Going My Way.

Later this month we'll see some samples from the other campaign that emphasizes atrocities and torture. But for now here's a trailer that has it both ways, uploaded by faithflixtv

Opening in Milwaukee, like a grave....

This is the third film in Roger Corman's Edgar Allan Poe cycle, from the days when you could sell a horror film based on literary prestige. AIP kept that going for another decade, though the films were often of dubious fidelity to Poe. Still, back then Poe was a name producers could exploit like Jules Verne -- maybe that says something for the cultural literacy of the time. The trailer (uploaded by justjoined) stresses the prestige of Ray Milland's performance -- he was only just starting to do this sort of work.

Milwaukee may get a first-run horror, but a Charleston drive-in has Three Titans of Terror! Dig all the old-time ballyhoo in this handmade ad.

Speaking of handmade, here's this weekend's big open-air attraction in Rockingham NC:

This isn't what you might think, but Luis Bunuel's English-language picture The Young One. Here's a clip uploaded by Filmboblog.

Finally, let's sneak a peek at a coming attraction in Altus, OK.

Gerald Thomas's film looks like a British riff on the Peyton Place phenomenon. The early Carry On films had whetted American appetites for any seemingly ribald Britcom. No trailer online for this one, so you'll have to see it for yourselves some day.

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