Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Now Playing: OCTOBER 3, 1962

It's October, so let's see some spooky stuff. This double-feature from St. Joseph, MO, fills the bill.

You know, with all the talk this year of how The Head won't lay down and stay dead, anyone going to the theaters expecting to see the title cranium bouncing across the screen is in for a big disappointment.

Spokane doesn't quite have a spook show, but here's a kinda creepy picture.

Creation of the Humanoids is one of the few other places besides Plan 9 from Outer Space where you'll see and hear the immortal Dudley Manlove on screen. And could he ever pick his projects. If not as "bad" as Plan 9, Creation has much of the same naively pretentious charm. But in the month of the Cuban Missile Crisis people may have watched this movie about the consequences of "a World War III" with mixed feelings.

Despite its invocation of the Infernal Regions, this Milwaukee attraction is not a horror film ... though I must admit I haven't actually seen it.

You wanna see something really scary? Look at the body they grafted Jack Palance's head onto in Salt Lake City!

The advertising is accurate to a degree. To say that the "Conqueror" here is mightier than Attila the Hun is only to say that Palance is mightier than Palance. For the record, the most barbaric conqueror who ever pillaged the world is one Alboino the Lombard, active circa 566 A.D. I bet you didn't know that.

If that isn't barbaric enough for Salt Lake City audiences, there's always this:

Just to keep you entertained until next time, here is The Mating Urge in all its cropped, faded and Asian-subtitled splendor, as uploaded toYouTube by 8524562008. Looks like they've given him a number and taken away his name.

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