Friday, June 22, 2012

The Horror of Brigitte Bardot: NOW PLAYING, JUNE 22-23, 1962

What was it about Bardot? She's the sole attraction at a triple-bill in Florence, AL -- but look at the ad art!

A quick scan of IMDB relates that these three films are all innocuous sex comedies. So what's with the girl with the gun? Or the girl behind bars? What's up with "Deadlier of the Species?" Why does the lineup in Palm Beach look like a natural pairing?

Do you suppose it all has something to do with how sinful she was supposed to be? Of course, Elvis met Frankenstein earlier this year, but didn't they think him sinful once, too?

Can we tap into that primal dread? Let's try by watching a trailer for "That Naughty Girl." This British teaser was uploaded by FootageDirect, complete with self-promotion.

And here's an English-dubbed clip from "The Bride is Much Too Beautiful," aka "Her Bridal Night," uploaded by 57wss.

Oh, the horror!


dfordoom said...

Bardot's romantic comedies are underrated. Naughty Girl is a fun little movie. I think the best of her movies in that vein was Please, Not Now! Which does indeed feature Ms Bardot toting a rifle.

Unknown said...

Actually, Brigitte Bardot toted, and indeed fired, a gun in both Viva Maria and Shalako. I believe she also handled a gun in Ravishing Idiot. And all of those movies were fun too. She could do it all with such flair and I adore her abilities to reinvent herself all the time. She is and always will be the most beautiful girl in the world. And I love her dearly.

dfordoom said...

Yes indeed, and both Viva Maria and Shalako are great fun. What makes Please, Not Now! interesting is that it's a romantic comedy and she was still toting a gun.

Samuel Wilson said...

Would I be correct in assuming she totes a gun in The Legend of Frenchie King as well? But not in the three pictures playing at that drive-in? I realize that the exhibitor was probably just reusing some stock ad art, but the psychology of it all does make you wonder. Thanks for writing, folks.