Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Marienbad Look: NOW PLAYING, AUG. 8, 1962

How does a Reading PA theater promote one of the most enigmatic of highbrow art films? With a fashion show!

Does it seem crass? Perhaps we should judge by how many people it lured to the movie -- if we can find that out.

Stanley Kubrick's Lolita aspires to be the scandal-film of the season as it rolls out across the country. We've already seen the soft-sell "How did they make a movie of Lolita?" campaign, but for the film's arrival in Schenectady NY the advertising appeals to authority with blurbs aplenty.

If Lolita is one idea of a summer movie, here's another, opening in Daytona Beach. Like many a summer picture of our time, this one is a remake, of a sort.

Here's a hint of "that Elvis kind of action," uploaded to YouTube by enoplos.

Another summer picture opens in Spokane. This, too, may remind you of a movie that opened fifty years later.

Check out the trailer, uploaded by MovieViewerMan.

And here's the co-feature:

No immediate comparison comes to mind here.

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Patrick Murtha said...

That Marienbad promotion is totally William Castle Meets the French New Wave. I love it. Your wits may be snarled, but your hair - never.

It is impossible to imagine a film like that playing in a city like Reading today.