Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Now Playing: AUGUST 1, 1962

What's new in the new month? Here's a drive-in attraction for Charleston SC.

Devil's Partner isn't half bad for its budget. It can be had in numerous cheapo public-domain box sets or easily seen for free online. For now, check out the trailer from Something Weird Video's YouTube channel.

Here's a new combination of two films that have been making the rounds on their own or in different couplings this summer. This ad is from a Miami newspaper.

How about a closer look at each?First comes Jack the Giant Killer, courtesy of MovieTrailerGrave.

A fairy tale jazzed up with special effects....Sounds like something Hollywood would do now. And lo and behold!...  As for Mighty Ursus, here's a TV spot that depends entirely on ad art and ballyhoo, but the film itself can be found for free online. Peplumz uploaded this clip and has the movie itself on a YouTube channel.

Finally for today,Milwaukee welcomes a retitled picture adapted by novelist Alberto Moravia (Contempt, The Conformist) in collaboration with Pier Paolo Pasolini.

I can understand the title switch once you're outside the metropolitan markets. Alas, no video footage is readily available online for this one under any of its names -- and there were more than these two. That at least shows that people were trying to sell this movie. We could probably stand more such efforts today.

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